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Sedgwick has been one of Chicago’s premier development companies for over 15 years. With a proficient team of developers, designers and construction engineers, Sedgwick Development projects combine the best of classically influenced architecture, modern amenities, and highly efficient floor plans. The result is impeccable quality with maximum value.

Each project is thoroughly researched, planned and executed. We believe a better process leads to better outcomes. By focusing on the big picture, we’re able to ensure consistency in each step, and expedite the course of development. Through innovative thinking and a solutions-oriented approach, Sedgwick produces projects that are financially sound and hold long-term significance in the community.

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Where Design Meets Life

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Sedgwick has premier rental units available throughout some of Chicago's most desired areas. If you are currently looking for a rental unit, click here to see a listing of our available inventory.
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For the latest information on Sedgwick Developments, click here. You will find some of our past projects, current developments and even future plans.